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The Group

The company DI.MA s.r.l. was founded in 1999 on the initiative of a group of construction sector entrepreneurs and technical experts working on buildings and road infrastructure, united in their search for suitable sites for the handling of their construction site waste. Thus, the company’s first endeavour was the purchase of a site in the municipality of Montichiari to be developed and used as a plant for the treatment and recycling of non-hazardous construction and demolition waste. The Montichiari plant facility became operational in 2005 and, by recycling incoming waste materials, began producing unbound aggregates for subsequent reuse in the construction of roadbeds and/or preparation of foundations, effectively replacing virgin materials sourced from quarries. In 2016, the company built and started up another production site in the municipality of Calvisano for the production of unbound industrial aggregates, cement mixes, concrete and cold mix asphalt. This community of companies is a perfect example of a “circular economy” venture, in which producers of materials defined as waste, waste management experts and end-users focus their efforts on creating innovative, high-performance materials using specifically designed manufacturing processes – all united in the pursuit of a common goal:
We reduce the consumption of raw materials and minimise the landfilling of recyclable waste, thus maximising the use of recycled and furthering the evolution of a circular economy

Our philosophy

DI.MA., with the two plants of Calvisano and Montichiari in the province of Brescia, produces bound and unbound aggregates derived from the recovery of non-hazardous inert waste, for their reuse in the construction field. In short, DI.MA. produces construction materials that are comparable to quarry-sourced gravel mix, stabilised mixes and/or selected gravels, with the difference that the materials produced are generated exclusively by recycling special inert non-hazardous waste. The processing and treatment of this non-hazardous waste at DI.MA’s plants results in an artificial, non-natural product that is CE marked according to the 2+ system: the materials produced by DI.MA. are therefore artificial aggregates that can replace natural quarry aggregates, thus sustaining a series of systemic virtuous loops. There are evident benefits in both environmental and business terms. From an environmental perspective, the use of reclaimed material means less land is consumed by excavating and less waste is dumped into landfills. In terms of business, construction companies enjoy a competitive advantage in that the material produced by our plants generally costs less than that from quarries while fully retaining the same technical performance.


We contribute to the recycling of waste and provide effective support for the construction sector by offering the market CE 2+ certified selected inert materials for use in building construction and various industrial processes.

Our technology

The facilities at the two production sites were designed, built and deployed according to the needs of the production context. The on-site experience gained over time by facility staff has enhanced the technical expertise and functionality that ensures product continuity and consequent business performance. In particular, the latest plant at Calvisano was built with a high degree of environmental awareness: the conveyor belts for fine-particle material are all covered to avoid air-borne dust dispersal. An adequate number of iron removers are installed on the plant to ensure the removal of ferrous metals in the finished product. All crushers and mills work under extractor hoods to avoid emitting dust into the air; the hoods are connected to a filtering system to recover all dust. The whole plant is powered by electricity, favouring supplies from renewable sources. All the equipment used is state-of-the-art and constantly maintained to optimise efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. The plant is constantly kept clean to avoid spilling material on the ground. Production yields are monitored in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Tasked with handling different types of materials, the Montichiari plant has a more versatile production system. The plant is fully equipped with dust abatement systems with water conveyors used to feed dedicated recycling systems. All functions are continuously monitored via electromechanical control systems. Qualified personnel and the adoption of an extremely precise supervision system guarantee a very high level of control.

Circular economy

We promote the recycling of thermal cycle aggregate and black dross byproducts for the production of new construction materials. We work to minimise the environmental impact of the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – a circular process that includes the use of latest-generation processing and recycling plants for non-hazardous inert waste. The use of these secondary raw materials allows for the complete substitution of quarry-sourced raw materials with evident environmental benefits.


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