Determination of the recycled content in the product

Environmental assertions

Many of our products qualified by environmental assertions issued by a Notified Body in accordance with the UNI EN 14021 standard. The environmental product assertion is intended to inform the market about a product’s environmental characteristics and performance. The main purpose of environmental declarations is to promote continuous improvement of products from an environmental point of view by facilitating comparisons between similar products and buyer’s freedom of choice.

The environmental declaration is a tool that enables us to demonstrate and promote environmental awareness by analysing and describing our product from an environmental impact perspective.

These declarations provide our customers and potential customers with detailed information on the environmental characteristics of the product itself, as called for by Italian Ministerial Decree of 11 January 2017, published in the Official Journal no. 23 of 28 January 2017 (MEC – Minimum environmental criteria). When properly mixed, our products are ideal for enabling concrete and/or asphalt manufacturers to achieve MEC compliance.

UNI/PdR 88:2020

The environmental assertion of DI.MA. products follows the new good practice reference guidelines UNI/PdR 88:2020, which define the method for verifying the content of recycled and/or reclaimed and/or sub-product declared by an organisation for their products placed on the domestic market.

It lays down the framework requirements, the certification process and establishes the requirements of the certification bodies performing the audit.

This approach enables DI.MA. to authenticate its adoption of certified methods to fulfil requirements relating to the content of recycled and/or recovered material and/or byproduct indicated in the Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC) issued by the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea.

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