The DI.MA. S.R.L. QUALITY Policy:

  • maintain and, where possible, increase a reasonable and constant improvement of the quality and efficiency of the products supplied in order to ensure compliance with and satisfaction of customer expectations
  • identify functional and innovative working processes and methods for the activities to be carried out that allow for a constant and reproducible level of product quality and the clear and unambiguous definition of tasks and related responsibilities
  • improve the awareness, team spirit and the attention of all staff towards quality aspects, also through targeted training initiatives
  • meet the needs of interested parties and all applicable requirements
  • aim at the continuous improvement of the quality management system itself
  • team spirit as a cohesiveness factor to achieve efficient and effective overall work and to generate a corporate culture consistent with the company mission


Specifically, the main aspects relating to the products offered by the Organisation that directly affect the Customer are:

  • quality and full compliance of the product;
    • technical training, qualification and updating of plant staff;
    • response times, competence and availability of commercial staff;
    • competitive prices.

In this regard, the organisation organises meetings with the aim of:

  • verifying that the products supplied meet the specific requirements of the Customers and, if necessary, re-evaluate and redefine their characteristics;
  • identifying new potential customers;
  • identifying and evaluating competitors on the market;
  • re-evaluating time and resources to optimise and improve the product.

General Management has established that the Quality Policy is:

  • to be constantly referred to in all operational choices and decisions;
  • oriented towards the goal of strengthening the image and success of the Company;
  • designed to help identify the Customer’s requirements at any time;
  • designed to ensure a high level of Customer satisfaction;
  • oriented to continuously improve, where possible, the quality of services;

The Quality Policy requires a true commitment to the absolute efficiency of the services and the full cooperation and attention of all operators.


General Management, which is continuously and directly present in the company, does not need to delegate the task of representing it for quality-related aspects to third parties.


  • it personally checks that the processes necessary for the quality management system are prepared, implemented and updated as needs change;
  • it promotes awareness of customer requirements within the organisation, calling upon all staff to operate in compliance with the quality management system to strive for customer satisfaction;
  • it has direct access to all information to be able to evaluate, validate or correct any services forming part of the system and therefore, during the review, take the necessary actions to strive for continuous improvement.


Management ensures that customer requirements are defined and met in order to increase customer satisfaction. The requirements defined by the management itself make it possible to identify the methods and costs of the service of each contract in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and profitability at the same time.

The analysis of customer satisfaction and the ways of improving this satisfaction are discussed and documented during the Management review.


    • pursue the continuous improvement of our environmental performance by minimising the potential environmental impacts of our activities and services
    • guarantee systematic compliance with the environmental legislation applicable at the national and local level and with all commitments undertaken/compliance obligations
    • ensure that all staff understand their environmental responsibilities and the importance of their contribution in complying with the requirements of the management system, including through training sessions
    • meet the needs of interested parties where possible
    • aim at protecting the environment, preventing pollution as much as possible
    • promote the culture of reuse and recycled materials in the area, with the aim of substituting knowledge for prejudice
    • reduce the exploitation of raw materials and minimise the sending of recoverable materials to landfill, optimising the circular economy of companies operating in the sector.
  • The MA. S.R.L HEALTH and SAFETY Policy:
    • run the business in such a way as to safeguard workers and provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses
    • comply with the laws and regulations in force
    • provide legally required training, integrating it with respect to specific company problems
    • make investments aimed at the functional improvement and safety of equipment, machines, and work environments, equipping employees with personal protective equipment and monitoring their use in order to eliminate, as far as possible, dangers and OHS risks in the workplace
    • give the staff the necessary tools to provide for an effective process of sharing that tends to improve awareness of the role that everyone plays and promote ideas for improvement, including consultation and participation of workers and their representatives